Doesn’t Change A Thing

The election is over, (enter sigh of relief here) but the conflict resulting in it is just beginning. Everyone knows elections bring out the worst in people, which is understandable, the nation is now sitting on the shoulders of someone who has never done it before and frankly its always terrifying. However, this election is different, the worst is coming out now after the votes have been counted and we have a new Mr. President Elected, Donald Trump. I remained silent throughout the majority of this election but have decided it is finally time to join the clashing noise that is this election.

The fact is the United States are anything but united. Although I am still unsure of what side of the political spectrum I land on, I do know one thing, it doesn’t change a thing. It will not change the way I view the beautiful country I live in and most importantly it will not change the way I treat the people around me. No government official can change who we are as a people, only we can do that. I understand people are angry, scared, and conflicted, but in this chaos we seem to have forgotten something. When you think of what matters most, it does not matter who won. Our government will still have corruption, things will be changed for the good, and possibly for the worse but that does not mean it has to represent what our country stands for. Each person makes a decision every morning when they wake up of who they want to be. We must ask ourselves as a country who do we want to be? What does our America stand for? My America stands for love, equality, strength, and courage. So no I may not be on the “trump train” and no I am not #withher, I am instead a person who decides for myself how I will treat others, and no politician will ever be able to change that.


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